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Being Heard Through the Noise

Author: Logan Clements

· Digital Content

Most people will argue that the Internet and rise of the smartphone have improved our lives. But with the increase in communication, we’ve increased the amount of noise out there.

Now we're all published writers with platforms to share everything from our political opinion to adorable cat videos. As content marketers, we're constantly sifting through the noise, looking for examples of great content and applying them to clients.

For our clients who are new to social media, we use Hootsuite to help aggregate targeted Facebook and Twitter accounts. Instead of having to separately check each person's social media account, Hootsuite organizes real-time lists of their posts on an easy to navigate dashboard. This has come in handy on slow content days, where the client doesn’t have a specific message to push but wants to stay current.

At Logan Strategy Group, we love to stay up to date on the latest blog posts and articles but rarely have the time to read them all when we come across good content. Instead of racking up the bookmarks on our web browsers, we use the app Pocket to save them for latte. Pocket downloads the articles into an easy-to-browse format and makes the content available both off and online through the app. We're able to turn moments in transit or in waiting rooms into learning moments.

Another useful tool for on-the-go professionals is The Skimm. The sassy but informative newsletter delivers a summary of the top news to your inbox every day, usually arriving in the early evening since their scheduled send out is synced with US East Coast Time, not Beijing Time. With the tone of talking to your best friend, The Skimm has achieved what every digital content marketer dreams about: customers that look forward to receiving their daily updates rather than letting them go unnoticed in their spam folder.

These are just a few of the tools we use on a daily basis both personally and professionally to try to sift through the excess of content available. If there’s one thing that marketers can learn is that today is an environment where quality beats quantity. Good content drives engaged readers to your article, website, or product. Great content keeps them coming back for more.

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