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Case Study: 2017 University Women’s Volleyball China Tour

We worked with a Division III volleyball team’ from Logan's hometown

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The Swarthmore Volleyball team arrived in Shanghai in early August, kicking off a 14-day tour, playing six games and spanning four cities. The trip served as a unique preseason experience for the team. It was the head coach Harleigh Chwastyk’s and the team’s first time traveling to China, exploring Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, and Beijing.

Objective: Serve as a bilingual onsite concierge for the Swarthmore Volleyball team and coaching staff.


  • Act as the bilingual extension of the team, helping coaches and players acclimate to Chinese culture, including on-the-go sourcing.
  • Assisted the school’s sports information director by shooting extra photos of the team’s cultural activities.

Our Work

Logan was hired to support the team’s travel agent and problem-solve as needed for the coaching staff. She helped with sourcing meals for several players with dietary restrictions, finding laundry companies in each city, and helping troubleshoot daily problems that came up. For example, she talked with the Chinese bus driver to make travel arrangements, communicated with local alumni to host an alumni dinner with the team, and helped the players bargain at the popular Silk Market in Beijing.

Logan also took photos to supplement the team’s sports information director who also came on the tour. She worked with him to register his drone in China, allowing him to capture unique content around the team’s sightseeing activities.


Event Support: Bilingual Team Member, Onsite Sourcing, and China Problem Solver

Content Capture: Photographer

Community Management: Lead Coordinator with local Swarthmore alumni


Logan grew up in Swarthmore so this project was a unique opportunity to combine her two homes: Swarthmore and Shanghai, offering local insights about life in China and what it’s like to work abroad.

The trip was some of the players’ first time abroad and for most, their first time playing internationally. The players wrote daily journal prompts about their experience abroad, showcasing the impact the international trip was having on them. They were particularly interested in examples of sustainability in China, culminating with a visit at URBN Hotel, a Shanghai hotel made with sustainable materials, dinner with Swarthmore alumni from Mobike, one of the country’s largest bike-sharing companies, and a visit to a sustainable farm. One player, who had family from China, had the opportunity to play volleyball in front of some of her extended family for the first time.

Photos from Logan

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