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Case Study: TOP 5 Pop Culture Poster Show Launch Party

A community art launch party celebrating pop culture

· Case Study,Event Management

Beryl Chung and friends, a local group of artists in Shanghai, created a concept to challenge artists from different fields to each create five posters, using only five colors and reimagining their five favorite pop culture icons in their own style. TOP 5 comes from the idea that WHAT you like informs what you ARE like.

The project culminated with a launch party in Shanghai where friends and colleagues from around the city came together to appreciate the final product, enjoy music and food and drink.

Objective: Drive attendance at the event and onsite poster sales.


The client needed a venue, entertainment, food and beverage, and staffing for the launch party all with limited resources. In addition, they needed a promotional strategy to set the art event apart from the other events that weekend.

Our Work

We searched for a venue that was as unique as the show concept and it's artists. Working closely with the owners of Ruijin Cajun, a southern comfort food restaurant in Shanghai, we secured the gallery space and after meeting with several potential corporate sponsors for food and beverage, we leveraged the venue sponsor's resources. Using strategically structured ticketing, we drove food and drink sales leading to higher than average sales for a Friday night at the venue. We also incentivized attendees to purchase posters through drink specials and extended deals.

We also sourced photographers and volunteers to provide on-site staffing within budget. Using the unique flow of the restaurant, we created a floor plan and event flow from scratch to maximize the space and optimize the guests' experience.

Services Provided

Event Management: Project Management, Venue, Sourcing, Onsite Lead Manager,

Public Relations: Media Outreach and Promotional Strategy

Content Creation: Copywriting and Press Release Creation


Over 100 guests attended the launch party, driven by organic media exposure on three local English media websites. Strong incentives for all community partners led to increased interest in hosting a second TOP 5 event in 2017, including buy-in from the venue, artists, and potential new partners.

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