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Spring Cleaning For

Your Online Profile

Author: Logan Clements

· Digital Content

As we celebrate the Chinese New Year in Shanghai, we all get a second chance to renew our new year's resolutions. More than 33% of people will make “get more exercise/lose weight” their resolution. Others will pledge to eat better, quit smoking, or get organized. Most of us focus on our physical or emotional selves but forget about our online selves.

From your inbox to your social media profiles, this is the perfect time to apply some of the most popular new year's resolutions to your life online.

Declutter your inbox.

Nothing slows down the start of your work day like an overflowing inbox. The average American receives 120 business emails each day, from business leads to various promotions and sales that you’ve signed up for and some newsletters that you don’t remember signing up for. Instead of letting your unread messages increase daily or sitting there and deleting every message you don’t feel like reading, try It’s a free tool that allows you to see all the newsletters you’re subscribed to and opt out of those you don’t want. Just enter your email address, provide them access to your basic info, and you’re able to go through and delete your subscriptions one by one. It is the best thing that’s happened to my inbox and I make a point to use it once every couple of months.

Exercise your brain.

Adult coloring books and meditation apps are one the rise as people look for ways to relax and unwind after a long day. If pencils or moments of silence aren’t doing it for you, social media can be another productive outlet. Outside of keeping up with friends and family, you can use social media to express yourself. Start exploring your amateur photography skills using Facebook and Instagram, stretch your writing muscles with a post on LinkedIn, or expand your vocabulary reading blog posts. Social media provides an easy, low-risk outlet for exploring new hobbies and meeting like-minded people. Find what makes you happy and exercise your brain in a new way in 2017.

Give your profile a facelift.

By 2017, social media has been around for a while and so have your social media profiles. Nowadays your social media profiles are also taken into consideration during the job search, with future employers going beyond just the regular Google Search and doing a deep dive into your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profiles According to Business News Daily, 60% of employers turn to social media to research potential new hires. It might be time to take down or at least privatize those college photos and go through your profile pictures album to make sure each photo says "Hire me. I'm a responsible and hard-working candidate."

If you're looking to not only clean but strengthen your online presence, consider starting a Twitter account or becoming more active on LinkedIn. Publishing industry articles or pieces that showcase your professional knowledge can only strengthen your application or future business opportunity.

Take the time to treat your online presence as another room to declutter before spring and your future self will thank you.

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